Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring Training

When I started writing this, spring training was in full force. Now we are in the final week! We're both ready for the season to start, and for our bedtime to be later than 9:00pm. Spending all day (every day) in the sun watching baseball is exhausting! I mean, playing baseball.. must be exhausting...
AJ's parents and little brother visited, and it was so fun having them here. They spoiled us by cooking so many yummy meals, we already forgot how to make our own dinner. Having supportive family is such a blessing in this lifestyle! 

I got to spend a couple days with my college roomie and best friend Kassie this month also! The stars aligned and their vacation was the perfect time for me to make the quick drive to Sarasota. I have been in Sarasota with them 4 separate years now! I love that place (and that girl). 

My husband (who puts my blog writing to shame) has posted a few amazing articles this month about his spring training experiences. He is pretty amazing. You should read them.  Here are the links:

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