About Us

We are Minnesota natives who attended college 15 minutes apart. My best friend’s boyfriend had a pretty cute roommate she thought I should meet, and the rest is history.

AJ was drafted in June of 2011 and he started to chase his baseball dream. We spent the first two seasons apart.

After we got married in October 2012, we decided we didn’t reaaally enjoy being apart half of the year. 
We got a puppy and I started traveling with him.

Since getting married we've called more than five places "home," and added 15,000+ miles to our brand new SUV. I've become quite skilled at packing up our "home" in less than 3 hours with a minutes notice.

And we've only just begun...

Join us on this adventure! 

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  1. So glad you started following me and I found your blog! Clearly we live a pretty similar lifestyle! Hope all is well in Florida!