Wednesday, May 29, 2013

We're here!

Our family of 3 is reunited!
Willa did so good on our flights and layover, with a liiiiittle help from half of a sedative. Everyone thought she was a stuffed teddy bear (even airport security when I took her out of her crate, oops). We were so happy to see our smiling AJ waiting at the gate in Hartford! And even though we are currently "homeless" and staying in a hotel, we are just happy to be together. Tomorrow the baseball game is at 10:30am, and after that we are going to do some exploring and hopefully find somewhere to live. I will post pictures of this side of the country soon!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Most of the "snow birds" have headed north for the summer, meaning I have been getting called at 5am and told they don't need me to come in to work. (Snow birds: retired people who spend their winters in the sun. Many of them end up being my patients at the hospital.)

I had 7 days off last week, and for 5 of them my sister and her little family came to visit me! Since I will be leaving Florida in a couple weeks, we made sure to do touristy things. We went to touristy beaches, and of course Sun Harvest Citrus (Keylime-Chocolate swirl ice cream cone... nuff said). 
I loved having them here because 24 days without your husband goes by real slow when you live across the country from your friends and family and you just hang out with your dog. I swear I have friends.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

New Britain

To say our Friday night was eventful would be an understatement!

AJ's dad was in town to watch a few games in the Florida sunshine. After the game, AJ was in the locker room and the manager called him into his office and told him he had been promoted to AA! He handed him his flight information that showed he was scheduled to fly out of Fort Myers at 6am! I couldn't be more proud of my husband. He has worked hard and it is paying off. 

Since AJ's dad was here, we decided he was going to drive our new SUV -filled with all of our stuff- to Connecticut so that AJ will have a vehicle when he gets there. And then I will fly out there as soon as my job is done (20 more days!) Paul is a saint for doing this for us, the drive is not a short one! 

This meant we needed to pack up our entire life at midnight, and Paul and AJ would be leaving in a few hours. Talk about stressful! I could only keep what I will be able to pack in a suitcase and fly with. I pretty much packed everything except scrubs, a swimsuit, and my keurig (not quite sure how that's going to fit in my suitcase...) We were up until 2am packing and the guys got up two hours later to head to the airport! 

AJ slept 2 more hours on the flight... who needs sleep? He flew to Portland, Maine to join the team at an away game. He is playing second base for the New Britain Rock Cats today on about 4 hours of sleep, and he couldn't be more excited. He is my hero.

I can't wait to join him in a few short weeks! God is so good. Thank you for your continued prayers!