Thursday, May 16, 2013

Most of the "snow birds" have headed north for the summer, meaning I have been getting called at 5am and told they don't need me to come in to work. (Snow birds: retired people who spend their winters in the sun. Many of them end up being my patients at the hospital.)

I had 7 days off last week, and for 5 of them my sister and her little family came to visit me! Since I will be leaving Florida in a couple weeks, we made sure to do touristy things. We went to touristy beaches, and of course Sun Harvest Citrus (Keylime-Chocolate swirl ice cream cone... nuff said). 
I loved having them here because 24 days without your husband goes by real slow when you live across the country from your friends and family and you just hang out with your dog. I swear I have friends.

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