Friday, January 25, 2013

U Pick Citrus

AJ's teammate Tim has been staying with us this week (our first visitor! yay!)
He has been staying at the team hotel, so he hasn't had a kitchen. Since he missed cooking, he has cooked a fabulous meal every night. Last night's menu consisted of steak, shrimp, cous cous, mashed potatoes, and squash. After dinner, he puts together left overs in a container for me to take to work.
Oh and... He likes to clean the kitchen. 
Can we keep him?

Since we moved here, we've been seeing homemade garage sale signs that say "U PICK CITRUS" with an arrow. We didn't exactly know how far from the sign we would need to go, but yesterday we ventured out to find the citrus. It was a cute farm with miles of orange, lemon, lime, and grapefruit trees. They say "fill up a bucket!" for $10. Yes please! We promptly juiced oranges when we got home and it was glorious. 

We also found a toy cadillac in the garage and decided to take it for a spin around the neighborhood. I'm thinking next week I'll take it to the pool.

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