Friday, April 5, 2013


The last week of spring training was a whirlwind for us! We knew that AJ would either begin the season in Iowa or Florida. We found out he was placed on the Cedar Rapids roster and would be heading there 4 days later. I am not a fan of living alone and AJ was pretty worried about leaving me here to finish out my seasonal agreement with the hospital. We were trying to plan and prepare as much as we could for this change.

The same day, I got a text from my friend Kim... "Mike got traded to the Twins!!!!"

AJ's college roommate Mike had been with the Houston Astros and was traded to the Twins that morning. Problem solved! The 3 of us (Mike, Kim, and me) would be roomies! This lifestyle is so unpredictable. One week ago, I'm sure I wasn't high on Mike & Kim's list of potential roommates for the season. It all fell into place so perfectly.

The story isn't over yet.

AJ went to the field with his bags to put on the bus that was heading to Cedar Rapids. The minor league director came up to him and told him to take his bags off the bus. They moved him up to the Fort Myers Miracle roster! The Kvasnickas moved in on Sunday and now we are the "Petternickas."

Welcome to the always changing, unpredictable life of minor league baseball!

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