Friday, December 6, 2013


It feels like I wrote a post about October, blinked, and it became December! 
As usual, the off season is flying by. I have an excuse for the blog-cation I took. I've been spending my nights working at the hospital and my days sleeping with black out shades and a noise machine.

When we first came home, I had been working at corporations/offices giving flu shots. It was only a couple days each week, so I was hoping and praying for something more to come up. Just when I decided I was going to work as a nanny, my agency called me with a 4 week RN job at a hospital, ending December 9th. It couldn't be better timing! I will be done just in time to spend lots of time with our family and friends before we leave for the season. When I chose my major (pre-AJ) I couldn't have imagined it would be such a perfect fit for this lifestyle. I am so thankful for a job that allows me to travel with my husband.

AJ and I will be leaving the snow behind, driving the 27+ hours to Florida on January 1st. Since AJ had wrist surgery, he has been doing range of motion exercises only, which he can do on his own. After Christmas he will be able to start doing actual baseball stuff. So he will be doing all of that at the Twins facility in Fort Myers. Perfect timing for us because I am going back to the same hospital I worked at last year for a 4 month contract job that begins January 7th!

We are currently unpacking and repacking our lives into "coming with us for the season" and "stay home" boxes. I think we're going to do a little better this year. When we were packing to come home at the end of the season we were laughing at the amount of unnecessary things we had. This year we are on a strict list. Sooo we can never have more than 4 people over at once because we're only bringing 4 plates. *Don't worry Pettersen clan, our FL house is fully furnished ;)

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