Monday, June 17, 2013

Who has awesome in-laws?

That whole "ugh, the in-laws" thing where people don't like to spend time with their in-laws... 
I will never understand that because my in-laws rock. Seriously. 

AJ is leaving on a 9 day away series, and all of the places they are going are way too far for me to drive to.
 (Apparently Ohio is in the "Eastern League?" Not sure who looked at a map and decided that made sense)

I started to write a list of things I was going to do to fill my time:
1. Venture 30 minutes to Target.
2. Donate blood.
3. Get a book and read the entire thing.
4. This sounds boring, right? 

So my in-laws decided they would fly me AND Willa home to Minnesota for the week! 

I haven't been home since December and I can't wait to see all of my lovely friends and family.
Here we come Minny! Oh how I have missed you. 

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  1. and by anonymous..this is kassie. Love the blog! Only, I'm a little disappointed that my visit didn't make the cut. Fingers crossed for this weekend :)