Friday, May 16, 2014


Settling into Connecticut has been anything but easy. We are finally getting everything figured out!

My mom flew to Florida and made the 24+ hour drive up the East coast with me. After a promotion, players get 2 nights in a hotel to find a place to live. Unfortunately, the hotel is not pet-friendly so we got zero nights. 

I arrived in New Britain on May 2nd and the earliest opening for an *overpriced* apartment is... May 30th! So on the 30th, we will give Mike & Kim back their living room that is currently acting as our makeshift bedroom. Yes, the four of us share a one bedroom apartment. Minor league life is so glamorous! It has been such a blessing to have them in the same organization (and it's pretty fun having sleepovers with Kim when the guys are gone). 
Our new town is Middletown, CT- just south of the field. 
I love exploring the East coast and am excited to travel to new places this summer!

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